Experience the artistic Korean-style Plastic Surgery 명품 한국식 성형

Big and clear eyes in a PERFECT proportion. 완벽한 비율의 크고 맑은 눈

Numerous surgical experience 수많은 수술경험

Asian Blepharoplasty 아시안 눈성형

Asian Eye Surgery is one of our best cosmetic surgeries performed. It includes eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, wrinkle correction, fat removal, eyelid revision, under eye, and epicanthoplasty.

However, there are numerous differences between Caucasian/Hispanic/African and Asian eyes. Most of them are unseen muscular and other underlying tissue differences, such as the increased fat content and somewhat thicker skin of Asian eyelids. Often the crease of the upper eyelids is incomplete or non-existent, allowing the skin to hang over the lashes and conceal much of the eye. If you are Asian and are considering Korean-style eyelid surgery, or if you want the finest touch of the Best Plastic Surgeon, you should consult with us, who have a detailed understanding of the ethnic variations in eyelid anatomy.

Upper Eye

Lower Eye

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