Skin Booster


AstrodomeFacial is laser and post-care equipment that uses oxygen, anion, LED

Oxygen & Anion Therapy

Rejuvenate with high-concentrated Oxygen and Anion. AstrodomeFacial improves the functioning of skin cell membranes, help deliver oxygen to the cells and tissue, and increase the production of collagen. Spraying Cryogenic Activator, a.k.a Deep Sea Mineral Water is good for skin soothing.

Apply on face with 3 different types of energy wavelength of LED

  • ‘Red Light’ could increase skin elasticity and care for dermal layer by deeply penetrating in the skin
  • ‘Blue Light’ cares for epidermis and is good for sensitive skin that has skin trouble, sebum, pore!
  • ‘Violet Light’ has both red & blue light effect so, it is good for post-care and skin recovery

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